The editor you decide to use depends on your coding style, some people like editors such as Notepad, which have no over the top drag-and-drop features and you have to hand code everything, while some people like to use Integrated Development Environment (IDE) editors such as Macromedia DreamWeaver or Zend Studio to do their work, as they find it easier to drag-and-drop and don’t require the ability to fine tune the code they write.

A list of editors that you could try out include the following:

Macromedia DreamWeaver – Runs on Windows, and Mac.
Microsoft Frontpage – Runs on Windows.
Zend Studio – Written in Java, and available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.
Notepad – Comes with Windows.
Notepad++ (My editor of choice) – Runs on Windows, source code is available.

After trying all of the above editors I found my personal choice was Notepad++, which is pretty light-weight, has a really fast load up time, is not written on top of a java base, and is not too over the top that it just gets the job done.

I encourage those who like to hand code everything to try out Notepad++, after a little while you might be wondering how you could have ever coded without using it.

Try out the editors on the list, and find out which one is for you.

I am also open to suggestions for editors to add to the list, so send in your favorite editor of choice.

Until next time.

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