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The editor you decide to use depends on your coding style, some people like editors such as Notepad, which have no over the top drag-and-drop features and you have to hand code everything, while some people like to use Integrated Development Environment (IDE) editors such as Macromedia DreamWeaver or Zend Studio to do their work, as they find it easier to drag-and-drop and don’t require the ability to fine tune the code they write.

A list of editors that you could try out include the following..

This tutorial is geared to help you get to know how to change the background color of your web page, using both the traditional HTML approach, and the new improved CSS approach.

If you wanted to change the background of the web page to black (hex color code #000000) with traditional HTML you would use the following code to accomplish that..

So you have developed this great flash movie that you took your time to perfect, and come time to embed it on your website you find that it works perfectly in FireFox but not Internet Explorer, which requires end-users to first click on the flash movie to activate or gain focus and then you are able to continue as usual.

You followed the procedure that you have always used, you stare in disbelief the <object> and <embed> tags have never failed you, but all of a sudden these methods do not work anymore..